Heat mounting boards

Non Conservation Dry Mount Boards – Substrate for Heat Process

They are used as the item onto which an image such as a photo is bonded onto.
There are 3 to choose from and all are Non-Conservation Heat Activated Boards:
a) The MB/KEY/44 is economically priced and has a white face with a cream core and back.
b) The MAC/381 is known as the ‘Easymount’ while the 0MAC/2644 as the ‘Speedmount’. Both have white surfaces and a grey core.


When heat mounting with a vacuum press.
These boards have already been pre-glued with an adhesive, so once heated in the vacuum press, the glue will activate with the artwork.
These are not conservation boards (i.e Acid-Free), so do not use with limited edition artwork.
If possible, store the board and the material to be mounted in the same environment for at least 24 hours before application, so that they achieve atmospheric equilibrium.