Our Boards (other than Mountboards) can be divided into the following categories:-
1) Barrier boards
These act as a barrier (or buffer) between the backing board and artwork

2) Backing Boards
The one you choose is all down to personal taste though the MDF board is the most popular
We offer ours by the colour and texture of the face (MDF brown, rough grey face and smooth grey face)
We also have some specialist Backing Boards as their feaures separate them from the regular ones such as corrugated core, foam core, wood pulp and conservation features

3) Mounting Boards
We offer here 3 different types:-
a) Boards for Heat Mounting which work with a vacuum press
b) Boards for Cold Mounting which require a roller or jet mounter
c) Boards that can work with both (Heat and Cold Mounting)

Choosing the right board is not a science and most framers will tell you it is all down to personal taste.
Hopefully, we have made your selection a little easier with this data, but you can use this rule of thumb:-
– If it’s conservation work it will need acid free barriers between the backing board and artwork.
– If not, the cheaper alternative will suffice, unless you require a speciality backing board for a reason