Artist Materials

We offer a large quality selection of Artists Materials including the following:

  • A large selection of oil, acrylic and water colour paints in many colours
  • An extensive range of Artist Brushes that will cover what ever is required
  • A range of accessories such as Painting Mediums, Palettes and Knives, Dippers, Mannequins etc
  • We also supply more specialist items such as Pastels, Sumi, Charcoal and Air Brushes


  • Our canvas is supplied by Frederik, from the USA, who has been manufacturing for over 140 years.  We ourselves have been distributing for over 50 years and the reason for this success is due to its unsurpassed quality.


  • We have one of the finest ranges of oil paints in the world, names after a famous Flemish painter, Anthony van Dyck (1599-1642).  Our oil paints are the ultimate choice for the professional artist because of their very high quality, but with an average to low price range, this makes them great value.
  • Our acrylic paints are made from acrylic polymer emulsion which allows for excellent adhesion to many surfaces (including canvas, paper, cardboard, plywood, hard board clay and fabrics)

Watercolour paints are available in both tube (15ml) and pan (4ml) format. Pans are favoured by the student as its easier to control the colour’s strength.  Tubes are preferred by the professional who often require stronger colour washes or for higher volume use.

** We will be adding all of ‘Artist Materials’ products to this catalogue shortly **.

In the meantime, please call us direct if you have any enquiries or wish to place an order.